Coffee Express

Hot and cold coffee drinks with one click

Coffee Express is equipped with a double boiler system, coffee milk can be out of the cup at the same time, making drinks more efficient. With a professional small refrigerator, you can switch two milk sources at any time to make drinks with different tastes, and you can make cold milk drinks with one click, meeting the needs of business places and offices for high quality and various types of coffee.


10.1" anti-fingerprint touchscreen

New upgraded control panel and IPS retina full fit technology AF anti-fingerprint technology, wider perspective, clearer picture quality, more silky touch.

Stable and durable

The grinding components of this model have been fully upgraded, which can make the wear smaller, longer life, and can maintain a more stable grinding coefficient to ensure the quality of coffee production.

Smart and convenient

With fresh milk function are equipped milk lack monitoring function, when the milk box is short of milk, the user can be reminded to add in time

Double beans and double grinding

Double powder and more efficient grinding make it easy to meet the needs of hotel and restaurant chains for fast and stable production of high-quality coffee

Double pumps by path system

Efficient output, coffee and milk come out at the same time, save half the time of making drinks.

High temperature

High temperature reaching up to 60°C to 70°C

High/low temperature brewing

Cold froth beverage

With the refrigerator, you can achieve one click of fine cold milk foam, providing more cold milk drink choices

Double boilers

Respective boilers for hot water and steam, effectively shortening preparation time while maintaining consistency

Metal brewer with 21g capacity

300,000 cups lasting performance, 21g ground capacity, delivering premium coffee for CVS and hotel breakfasts

Auto cleaning

Brewing and frothing system are automatically cleaned each time when machines is turned on/off; Customize your own cleaning routine based on number of cups/work time. Maintenance is easier than ever.

100% fresh extractions

Fresh grounds fall straight into brewer for extraction. Minimized oxidization, no remains: each serve is as fresh as it can be

Independent hot water wand

One click hot water supply for easy cup cleaning and tea brewing



Advised daily output

Hourly output



Technical sheet

water tank (L)4

bean hopper capacity (g)

Grounds box caciylseringl

display orientation

display size

rated voltage (V)

rated frequency (Hz)

rated power (W)

machine weight (kg)

machine L*W*H (cm)


L:1000 R:1200










Powder hopper

Steam rod

Hot water dispenser

Capacitive touch screen

One-touch milk coffee

Diy coffee

Bottled water self-absorption

Tap water supply

Mobile payment

Milk system automatic clean










YES Coffee Express

Large touch screen, extensive offerings

Questions and answers


The configurations in your new machine is based on popular preferences generated by big data. If you prefer your coffee differently, you may adjust the configurations.

Electric cable, user manual, water supply pipe, wrench, plastic buffers. Accessories may vary depending on the model. We recommend that you keep all accessories.

Fill up the water tank or connect your water supply, fill up the bean hopper, and turn on the machine. Once the machine is on, calibrate the grind before proceeding with tasks.

We recommend leaving an extra 20cm in height, depth and width on top of the machine size.

Over time, the pipeline of the machine could be blocked with scale buildup. If you have hard water, remember to descale often. Contact customer service or a sales professional for more details.

For each water supply type (bottle/tap/tank) Dr. Coffee has a corresponding solution. Contact customer service or a sales professional for model and solution details.

The best milk temperature is between 2 to 6 degrees. It is reccomended that you use your coffee machine with a matching mini fridge to keep the milk temeprature right.

Re-calibrate your grind if:
1. you change to different beans; or
2. the components are worn over time, in which case the amount of grounds may be inconsistent.

A cup of coffee takes a relatively fixed amount of coffee grounds. But the amount of grounds per grind can be different, depending on the type of beans.
By calibrating the grind, your coffee machine comes out with the precise amount of grounds needed, making sure that each cup is served with consistent quality.

The service password for all Dr. Coffee machines is “1609”

Our machines work perfectly with utility power, 220V, 10A/16A depending on power.  Contact customer service or a sales professional for model details.

Water supplied to coffee makers should be of as low hardness as possible. Dr. Coffee recommends purified water with TDS value no higher than 80ppm  for all our models.


Some professional Dr. Coffee coffee machines have the ability to connect to an IoT system, which enables a comprehensive solution including mobile payments, remote control and traffic management. Contact customer service or your dealer for more information.

You can rename your beverages and define preparation procedures.

It is recommennded that you do so to save energy and prolong machine’s life cycle.

After changing your beans, please re-calibrate the ground amount.
After changing your milk to one with different fat content, it is recommended that you modify the froth amount in “beverage configuration”.

The larger the number is, the more grounds you get with each grind.

For different scenarios, Dr. Coffee develops models with corresponding “daily productivity” and “efficiency”. Contact customer service or a sales professional for more details.

Yellow interface suggests maintenance. If you see a red interface, please contact customer service for problem-shooting.

Select “cold drink” on the menu, and your machine will prepare a room temperature drink. Add ice cubes into the drink and you get your iced beverage.

If the machine operates properly and you wish to modify the output volume, go to “beverage setting” and select the right volume for you cup.

If your machine is turned off for a while and on again, we recommend that you make a latte and dispose of it, based on the consideration that the machine is not fully warmed up hence the taste may not be ideal.

After the machine prepares your coffee, you may add syrup or creamer into the drink.

If you have special demands, please contact customer service; otherwise it is recommended that you keep the original configurations.

The taste of your coffee has to do with the following factors: ground particle size (5 options available), amount of grounds (5 options available) and pre-infusion time (1 to 5 seconds).

Yes. The reccomended froth temperature is 60 degrees, but you can adjust by turning the “frother knob”. Contact customer service or a sales professional for more details.

We recommend 2 to 6 degrees full cream milk, medium/deep roasted beans instead of light/dark roasted beans.

This is perfectly normal because the machine is set to clean its own pipelines everytime the machine is on/off. Water comes out from the outlet when the cleanse is over.


Dr. Coffee CVS series are designed to make 500,000 cups. Other models are designed to make more than 50,000 cups.

The reasons your machine doesn’t get milk pumped in could vary.
Try unwinding the froth knob a little, and deep cleanse the milk system. If this doesn’t work, please contact customer service or a sales professional.

Contact the distributor if you ordered your machine from one. If your machine is ordered from Dr. Coffee’s website, call the 400 hotline.

Before turning off the machine after your business hours, please deep cleanse your milk system to avoild blockage of pipeline.

It is recommended that you follow the schedule:
Milk system deep cleanse: once a day
Brewing system deep cleanse: once a week
Scale buildup cleansing: once a month

Yes. Water alone doesn’t get rid of all the stubborn coffee grease and milk deposits.

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